Request for Proposals

2019 Concession Request

Skeetawk plans on opening for business this winter season (2019-2020), and we are in need of concessions for our lodge. We are now accepting proposals to find a competent source to provide concessions to serve at our lodge. The goal of lodge dining and concessions is to:

  1. Provide high quality, and affordable food options to our patrons.

  2. Provide food options that can be served with our limited food permit (no running water or septic this season).

  3. Provide financial benefit to Skeetawk.

  4. Provide financial benefit to the greater community by awarding of concessions contract.

The objective of this Request For Proposal is to locate a source that will provide the best overall value to Skeetawk. 

Please see attached Request for Proposal.  Contact Vice Chair Vaughn Kelly at with any questions.  Please notify us of your intent to submit a proposal no later than September 23rd, 2019