Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is HAX or Hatcher Alpine Xperience?

A: HAX is the name of the non-profit organization formed to create a community alpine ski area at Hatcher Pass. HAX board members are all volunteers and are not compensated.

Q: What is planned to be built in Phase 1?

A: Designed for Phase 1a is a Triple Chair Lift, snowcat building, and minor support buildings (ticket shelter, restrooms, a modest ski patrol shelter). The skiable area of Phase 1a will be roughly the size of Hilltop Ski Area in Anchorage. Designed for Phase 1b is a high speed quad, lodge, and improved parking and access facilities. The skiable area of Phase 1b will be hundreds of acres of intermediate terrain, and will reach above treeline. 

Q: Where is the area to be built?

A: The area is located at mile 10.6 of the Hatcher Pass Road, on the west side of the road. This area is within the northern part of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough’s Government Peak Recreation Area.

Q: Will the ski area take affect the 16 mile "road runs"?

A: No. The ski area location doesn’t include any of the mile 16 “road run” area. That area is currently managed by the State of Alaska Parks.

Q: Is this a part of the Government Peak Nordic Ski Area?

A: No, that facility is on the southern aspect of Government Peak, and is accessed via Edgerton Park Road (not Hatcher Pass Road)

Q: Will HAX block all backcountry access?

A: No. HAX’s goal is to provide designated safe skin-up locations for backcountry users, which will minimize the potential conflict between backcountry and alpine skiers.  We are working on getting a backcountry policy established comparable to some of the backcountry friendly ski areas in the lower 48.

Q: What’s different than past designs of Hatcher Pass ski areas?

A: HAX proposes a community ski area, not for profit, with no onsite private condos or commercial developments. Our focus is to provide community members a place to downhill ski and snowboard locally.

Q. What has been accomplished over the years to assist the project?

A. Local, state and the federal government has invested in road improvements (two lane bridge, paving, parking lot), electricity to ski area base, numerous studies including financial analysis with favorable conclusions, and a signed Federal EIS that allows development. The table has been set for an organization like HAX to accomplish Phase 1 of this long awaited winter recreation project.

Q: When will the area be built?

A: We have begun construction on the first lift (triple) during the summer of 2019 and plan to be operating by winter 2019- 2020.  We have a lot of work and fundraising to do before the season starts, so please consider helping!

Q: How much are lift tickets going to be and will you sell season passes?

A: We are looking at a full price adult lift ticket being $39/day.  Students/Seniors/Military will be $32/day.  Kiddos (6-12) would be $20/day and kids 5 and under are free.  Season passes will be available for approximately 10x of a lift ticket.   

Q: What is the benefit of becoming a member?

A: Becoming a member is a great way to show your support to our organization.  In addition to an awesome membership sticker you will receive discounts at some of our events, $5 off tickets on Sundays, and special members-only ski days.  Membership is included in season pass purchase and will be deducted when you buy your season pass.  

Q: What days will you be open?

A: We plan on being open on weekends and all MSB school holidays starting in December (if snowpack allows) and going through April (also depending on snowpack!).

Q: How can I help, donate, or give feedback?

A: Glad you asked!  We are always accepting donations and we have a number of sponsorships available as well.  Follow these links:  Donation informationVolunteer. Contact Us. Become a Member.