Equipment & Supply Donation

There are some items that we plan to purchase with funds raised but we would also love to have these items donated. If you're interested in donating any of these items give us a shout!

        ♦ Snowmachine(s)

        ♦ Medical supplies (O2 tank, Backboard and Straps, AED, Bandages, etc.)

        ♦ Radios

        ♦ Telephone system (for mountain and office use)

        ♦ Computer (for ticketing and for office use)

        ♦ Small buildings (for lift operator huts, ticket sales, warming hut, etc.)

        ♦ Tools (for lift maintenance/operation)

        ♦ Building materials - insulation, paint, boards, windows, siding, etc.

        ♦ Signage

        ♦ Heavy equipment use